For many businesses, ad-hoc IT infrastructure monitoring is the norm. Yet, keeping track of your monitoring solutions, that is, Active Directory, vSphere, Cybersecurity, Networking, just to name a few, can be cumbersome. The goal should be to have infrastructure monitoring under one roof, as it were. Take for example company XYZ:

Company XYZ has a plethora of tools at its disposal; there is a tool for Active Directory, another for Security, another for get the picture; XYZ has every monitoring tool under the sun.  Nevertheless, all of these applications are independent of each other, and likely to be managed by different personnel, often in different departments; to make matters worse, the communication between personnel can get lost in translation.

And while companies spend an exorbitant portion of their operating costs on monitoring security, it is clear that their underlying security methods are not capable of fending off a cyber attack.  For example, it is estimated that Ransomware attacks are responsible for billions of dollars in lost revenue; this lost revenue is expected grow considerably in the years to come. Yet, despite all the money being spent to provide adequate security, companies continue to fall victims to cyber-attacks. Can we assume that a new approach is needed?

Since ad-hoc monitoring is silo-ed it cannot be centrally managed. Consequently, ad-hoc monitoring is counter-productive and obscures potential vulnerabilities present within an organization. VCS believes that centralized monitoring, combined with a cybersecurity framework, is the only viable solution; it provides broader infrastructure awareness and cohesive analysis, resulting in less [and shorter] down-time. As mentioned, cyber-crime is a major concern affecting all business sectors; it is a forgone conclusion to have a centralized monitoring platform that specifically conjoins cybersecurity methodologies.

VCS provides a centralized monitoring platform and offers an affordable way to automate your IT infrastructure Monitoring and Security environment under one centralized umbrella.


Web-based Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring and Analysis platform that meets the following criteria: 
Covering a wide range of technologies including:
  • Automated
  • Centralized
  • Integrated
  • Real-time
  • Versatile
  • Intuitive
VCS dashboard
  • Active Directory & Group Policy Monitoring
  • Server KPI Monitoring
  • DNS Query Monitoring & Analysis
  • Cybersecurity (SIEM)
  • vSphere Monitoring
  • SQL Server Performance
  • Infrastructure Anomalies


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