VCS offers an affordable way to automate your IT infrastructure Monitoring & Security environment. For most IT organizations, ad-hoc monitoring is the norm. Yet, keeping track of your monitoring solutions, i.e. Active Directory, vSphere, Cybersecurity, Networking, just to name a few, is cumbersome and difficult to manage. The goal should be to have all your monitoring & security analysis under one ‘roof,’ as it were.

Take for example company XYZ:  It has a plethora of monitoring and security tools at its disposal; there’s a tool that monitors Active Directory, another for Security, another for databases…you get the idea; XYZ has every monitoring tool under the sun.  Yet, all of these monitoring applications are independent of each other, and likely to be managed by different personnel; and communication between personnel is not guaranteed. To be sure, companies spend an exorbitant portion of their operating costs on maintaining this kind of monitoring infrastructure. It begs the question, does this hodgepodge of technology provide the company the best solution to monitoring?

Ad-hoc monitoring is silo-ed and consequently cannot be centrally managed. This is counter-productive, since it obscures the big picture of an organization’s managed IT assets and creates potential blind-spots and opportunities for valuable monitoring data to get overlooked. VCS believes that centralized monitoring provides broader infrastructure access and up-to-date analysis, resulting in less down-time and a stronger awareness of your infrastructure and cybersecurity posture.

Cyber-crime is a major concern affecting all sectors; it's a forgone conclusion to have a monitoring and analysis platform that specifically addresses and conjoins cybersecurity methodologies.


Web-based Monitoring & Analysis

Monitoring and Analysis platform that meets the following criteria: 
Covering a wide range of technologies including:
  • Automated
  • Centralized
  • Integrated
  • Real-time
  • Versatile
  • Intuitive
VCS dashboard
  • Active Directory & Group Policy Monitoring
  • Server KPI Monitoring
  • DNS Query Monitoring & Analysis
  • Cybersecurity (SIEM)
  • vSphere Monitoring
  • SQL Server Performance
  • Infrastructure Anomalies


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