Automate Your Infrastructure, Elevate Your Efficiency

Tired of manual IT tasks slowing you down? Variacom Cyber Solutions provides automation solutions for Active Directory, Server Hardening, Network Share Auditing & Cybersecurity STIG Implementation. Struggling to keep up with evolving security? Let us automate critical processes and bolster your security posture.

Why Choose Us?

  • Automation Powerhouse:** Deep expertise in crafting tailored solutions.
  • Active Directory Mastery:** Manage and secure your AD for compliance.
  • Ironclad Servers:** Harden your servers to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Network Visibility:** Audit and monitor shares for insights and detection.
  • STIG Compliance Made Easy:** Implement and maintain Cybersecurity STIGs.
  • Peace of Mind:** Proactive management frees you for strategic initiatives.

Our Services

Active Directory Automation

  • User & Computer account management
  • Security Group management
  • Sites & Trusted Domains management
  • Overall Security compliance, audits & reporting

Server Hardening Automation

  • System configuration management
  • Patch management & vulnerability scanning
  • UAC enforcement
  • Logging & auditing configuration

Network Share Auditing Automation

  • File access monitoring
  • Permission management
  • Anomaly detection & alerting
  • Compliance reporting

Cybersecurity STIG Implementation

  • Gap analysis & remediation planning
  • Automated STIG control implementation
  • Ongoing monitoring & compliance reporting

Benefits of Managed Automation Solutions

  • Increased Efficiency:** Automate tasks, freeing up your IT staff.
  • Enhanced Security:** Proactive measures and compliance with standards.
  • Reduced Costs:** Eliminate need for additional resources or software.
  • Improved Scalability:** Adapt your IT infrastructure to changing needs.
  • 24/7 Support:** Peace of mind knowing our team is always available.


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