Variacom offers affordable IT infrastructure, and security services to the Small-to-Medium-Business (SMB). Variacom's core competencies center on  Windows Server Patching, Active Directory Compliance & Security Auditing, Endpoint Protection, and Infrastructure Automation. Variacom believes that successfully transitioning from a reactive and break/fix modality to an automated-focused paradigm requires a new mindset, different skill set and the right tools - all at a fair price to the business owner.

Regardless of a company's size, IT administrators face a myriad of challenges in their day-to-day administration and security management responsibilities. Businesses are experiencing an explosive growth in the number of remote clients devices, i.e laptops, tablet computers, smartphones, et cetera; each of which are looking to access the corporate network. The potential for security breaches has never been greater. Therefore, it makes sense for a business to off-load the more tedious and mundane (yet necessary) aspects of IT administration, so that the business can focus on the those sensitive  matters that are highly visible to management and perhaps the public.  And that's where Variacom can be of valuable service to your company.

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Variacom offers the following affordable services:

  • Windows Software Patch Management & Reporting
  • Security Auditing of Network Share Access Reporting
  • Desktop & Server Endpoint Protection Compliance & Reporting
  • Automated Active Directory Compliance & Reporting


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